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released April 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Lost in Fog Records Melbourne, Australia

Label and distro based in Melbourne, Australia focused on supporting and releasing Asia/Pacific DIY artists.

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Track Name: The Centre Cannot Hold
The system has failed us. The crux of it all
Ending this madness, the stubborn will fall
Losing this feeling, of wasting your life
Of spending your money, of selling your time
But look a little closer, it's getting too late
Weight down by your life, a cycle of hate
Losing this feeling of freeing your life
Of debt to your tomb, a slave to your bank
Turning and turning the centre cannot hold
Ending this madness, a better life calls
The falcon is deaf, the call doesn't fit
Respect will go to outcasts
not the slaves who worship shit
Track Name: Hidden
Bauxite iron ore
cooper, silver, gold
nickel, diamond, coal

We're lost - ignored
Denied our place, by the callous horde,
We're lost - abhorred.
We sacrified, all for naught
Track Name: Crosses
Building bridges you'd never cross
Feeding off another's loss
Feeding the lies you hide behind
"They were born on the wrong side"
But you re-nailed to your tainted cross
Feeding off another's loss
Feeding the fear you hold inside
Back to living on your own side

We are waiting for the world to become ours
Repeat it - repeat the easy path
We are waiting for it to become ours
Repeat it - repeat it - for the last time

Inherit in future, you give nothing back
Your survival dependant on selfish acts
Track Name: Providence
The sharpest blade is in the hands of vacuous men who make demands,
Violent threats will not coerce in time
they'll rise and meet with force.
Spend your time alone, afraid,
Ponder decisions made;
Slow to learn, in time you'll see
that we're not made for eternity

Not it's time to recognise our fault
and this collective improvidence must halt.
Our pride and pretensions can't divide us all.
Track Name: Sirens
You're 'who to kill?' Ready to fight
Holding us all back
You're taller now, take me under your arm
The small of my back

There's differences, I don't deny
Never the two the same
I feel the weight being your face

I'm not saved, you're not saved
no one's saving anyone
Human idols fall

The altars high, the fire's hot
Fall on your sword
You understand you kind of knew
Still all my fault

I'm who to kill, I'm who to fight
Get it all out
I feel the weight
Being your face
I could just be anyone
Track Name: Moloch
Too tired to be free
Day in, day out
A contract is rolled up
And pressed against your neck

These are our demands
Forfeit your salvation
Forgot these futile plans

Put your head down
It's not your place
The colour of your collar
Decrees the level you'll be ripped off

Sacrifice desire, the cruelty of machine
always needs more it goes on and on
Kneeling sinking deep, subservient, asleep on and on
Worship in disdain, like a shadow feeling pain
It goes on and on and on
Track Name: The Wall
Who told you could leave
How could you escape
Turning away, winding down,
shadows spun, losing again
What else could go wrong
On the wall
Up against the wall
Track Name: Paranoid
No repent

How many eyes have looked for their masters up in the skies
Searching for answers we won't find
How many lies, fed to the hordes from void in the glow
Dictating laws/bullshit for us all to follow
How many minds wasted obedience to a fable so old
Corrupted their passion in exchange to be told

Oh, I know I'm paranoid
But you don't know what it's like to be without time.
Track Name: Revenant
You buy up things I throw them out
What isn't here we'll do without
What does it matter if we are wrong
'Cause soon it'll all be gone

Come outside, step outside, so I can remember you.

I've heard of things we cannot see
The lesson's lost or so it seems
They'll have to keep on sneaking through with or without
Track Name: Eternal
Through my possessions, obsessions, I want to let go.
I want to break free, fear golds me, controls me.
My pride, my dignity, To break through this void is to live in darkness.

Eternal darkness, halt of existence.